Boost Your Credit For 2020

Wednesday Oct 30th, 2019

Debt Managing

Good credit really does pay off. Even if you’re not planning to borrow money to make a large purchase, good credit may qualify you for better insurance rates, allow you to get the apartment you’ve been wanting, help you avoid paying security deposits when you sign up for a new cell phone service or even help you negotiate a better rate on a vacation rental. As many financial institutions and employers put their trust in credit score and are much more inclined to trust you if... [read more]

Renter to First-Time Home Buyer

Monday Aug 26th, 2019


  Buying your first home is a huge accomplishment that has its challenges, however; with the help of our team, we can make the process smooth for you. Some of the difficulties with buying your first home have a lot to do with financial burdens, and now Canada has just made it easier for young Canadians to buy a house with the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program.   Here’s what you need to know:   The incentive applies to:   The incentive... [read more]

3 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home This Winter

Thursday Nov 1st, 2018


The word winter tends to be synonymous with words like cold, barren, or dark. In order to beat these winter blues we’ve compiled a list of budget friendly products that help us cope with harsh Canadian winters. All of these products are super accessible, and can also work great as gifts!   The first way to add warmth and life into a home when there seems to be none outdoors is one of the most simple; Candles.   This may seem too easy and inexpensive to actually make... [read more]

Foreclosure v.s. Power of Sale

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016


In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner is past-due on their monthly mortgage payments, they pave the way for a “foreclosure” on their property. In today’s market, banks and other lenders do not turn to foreclosure to take away the homes of homeowners who are in arrears. Instead, they perform a "Power of Sale" which is wholly different from a Foreclosure. What is a Foreclosure? Foreclosures are laborious, grueling, and costly to both the... [read more]



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