3 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home This Winter

Thursday Nov 01st, 2018


The word winter tends to be synonymous with words like cold, barren, or dark. In order to beat these winter blues we’ve compiled a list of budget friendly products that help us cope with harsh Canadian winters. All of these products are super accessible, and can also work great as gifts!


The first way to add warmth and life into a home when there seems to be none outdoors is one of the most simple; Candles.


This may seem too easy and inexpensive to actually make a difference, BUT IT REALLY DOES. Adding even a few candles to a home adds a cozy, inviting and calming vibe. The best part is there’s a candle for everyone, from crackling, to flameless, scented or unscented, expensive and inexpensive.


Another great way to LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY add in some warmth to your home is through the use of blankets and pillows.


This method is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Layers of contrasting colours, patterns, and textures will bring both an elegant look and comforting feeling to your furnishings. They often to range in price and can be found for quite the steal! We’ve been obsessing over the new weighted blankets that are on the market, they help you get the rest you need while making you feel like a tightly wrapped burrito.


                  Similarly to blankets and pillows, rugs are another multipurpose method of introducing good vibes during cold times.   


                  Rugs are so versatile; there are kitchen safe rugs, runners for hallways, and area rugs for larger spaces. Rugs can even be hung on walls in place of expensive artwork! From intricate and detailed or simple and neutral, they can help make your home a little more barefoot friendly when temperatures drop.


                  So this winter, don’t let the cold weather get the best of you! Fight it off with more than tea and soup! All of these cozy elements can be found with ease to suit any home or budget. Give them as gifts or treat yourself with them as we suggest.


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